Like any other company, we at NINETYEIGHT have a responsibility to our environment and the generations to come. In order to step up to this responsibility we have taken steps to ensure a more sustainable way of production and distribution.

Besides multiple optimizations in our production, we can now ensure a 100% CO² neutral distribution which will serve to reduce pollution.
Furthermore we proudly use recyclable packaging materials  only and have taken steps to avoid environment killers like plastic.
We at NINETYEIGHT are always eager to find and implement new ways of keeping our company green. Only through this constant improvement can we guarantee a modern and fair environmental policy.

With these steps we aim for a green future and hope to have made a first step in protecting our beautiful planet for many generations to come.


But not only do we look after our planet, we also look after our next generation! Just recently we managed to sign a collaboration with a marketing school in Austria near our store. It is an honor for us give our knowledge to the next generation of young entrepreneurs!